20 Common Foods You Should Never Put in the Cart

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18. Wheat bread

Did you know that many times the wheat actually comes from enriched flour? So, it’s not actually what you’re paying for (whole wheat). A physician nutrition specialist, Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP, says that whole wheat packs the whole kernel, whereas enriched flour is stripped of the nutrients.

So, if you want whole wheat bread, check the labels first. If it doesn’t say ‘whole wheat,’ do not buy it; it’s not worth your money.

19. Packaged deli meats

Deli meats are bad for your health, but those that come in a package are even worse. Packaged cold cuts such as ham, salami, and chorizo are highly processed. On top of that, they contain tons of sodium, nitrates, and artificial additives.

Regular deli meats consumption can eventually lead to digestive problems, high blood pressure, and even colon cancer. Avoid them as much as you can!

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