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7 Best Protein Shakes According To Dietitians

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If you live a busy lifestyle, you’ve probably considered a pre-made protein shake at some point. The support of these drinks is pretty hard to beat when you need to recover after a workout or stay fueled throughout the day but don’t have time to come up with a full meal or snack.

Finding the right option that has the perfect amount of protein for your needs can be challenging, though. So you go online only to discover dozens of varieties: whey, soy, casein, pea, rice, hemp, and the list goes on!

To make matters worse, there are those made with sugar and without, ones that come from grass-fed dairy or non-GMO soy. It can feel nearly impossible to pick one that makes sense for you.

That said, it’s vital to keep your health goals and dietary restrictions in mind, so we’ve looked into the top ingredients you should be looking for to put in your shakes.

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