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What IS Healthy Coke?…And Should You Be Drinking It?

healthy coke
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Have You Ever Heard Of Healthy Coke?

According to the CDC, about half of the US population will drink at least one sugary beverage daily. As you might have guessed, younger adults are the most regular consumers of sugary drinks, including Coke.

There are 37g of added sugar, which equals almost 10tsps, in just a single can of Coke. The World Health Organization suggests you don’t consume more than 6tsp of added sugar daily for optimal health.

But unfortunately, by drinking just one can of Coke a day, an individual will easily exceed this amount. So knowing this info, you would think that people would choose to stay away from Coke. But it remains a popular drink.

Furthermore, there’s been a rising trend on TikTok about “Healthy Coke.” People seem to love it, and we want to know why. So we did the research. Hint: It’s not what you think! Check out what we found out!

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