30 Foods Your Doctors Will Avoid – and You Should Too!

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Most advice pertaining to health and nutrition is pretty broad. Don’t eat fatty foods, avoid having too much salt, home-cooked is better, so on and so forth. This is what doctors have been telling us for decades now, but it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty.

If you talk to dietitians and nutritional professionals they could come up with plans specific to your needs, likes, and dislikes. But, remember, doctors aren’t nutritionists. Many of them take very few nutrition-specific courses. Do they still know what is best to keep in the fridge?

For today’s list, we decided to look at foods that doctors avoid and why. Will the answers surprise you as much as they surprised us? Of course, the usual suspects are still present such as fast food or foods rich in sugars, but a few items truly shocked us.

Just remember, these recommendations should be double-checked with a dietitian. But, needless to say, it’s still worth investigating what the people that know the most about the human body prefer and why.

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Açaí bowls

Açaí bowls bows are everywhere! They’ve taken over every corner of the ‘healthy eating’ industry. The berries themselves are bursting with antioxidant properties but the bowls aren’t just filled to the brim with açaí, no. You’ll likely find a mix of buts, but butter and other fruits sprinkled in. While they may look nutritious, you won’t really know what you’re eating until you check the label.

These bowls may be equal in nutrition to a sugary dessert, so while they may be advertised as healthy, you could be doing a lot of damage to your diet plan.

To put it simply, don’t always trust the most prominent ingredients in any snack. It’s what’s sprinkled in between that are culprits. You may think you’re picking up a healthy, delicious lunch but what you’re actually eating is a caloric bomb. That’s why some doctors just stay away from them altogether and we can’t blame them!

The simple solution? Make your own in larger doses and store some in the fridge for later. That way you’ll know exactly what’s going in your bowl and what unhealthy ingredients stay out.


We all know that staying away from alcohol is a good idea. But apart from the obvious, are there any health risks we should be aware of. Dermatologists certainly think so, and many of them say that the effects alcohol has on our skin aren’t talked about enough.

Alcohol consumption could lead to psoriasis or eczema. Why? Because it is both pre-inflammatory and dehydrating, causing a host of problems that are more than skin-deep!


My, my, my… how the tables have turned. Doctors telling us to stay away from apples!?

OK, but there’s a scientific reason behind this choice. Short-chain carbohydrates known as FODMAPSs can be found in apples. These can contribute to irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal disorders. That’s why you may feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating an apple.

They’re overall healthy and you can pick them up anywhere, but some doctors say it’s better to have other fruits as snacks.

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