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12 Delicious Endangered Foods That May Soon Be Obsolete

endangered foods
Photo by vincentchuls at Shutterstock

Bananas: The banana species which you know and love in the US, the Cavendish banana, is being destroyed by a disease called “Tropical Race 4.”

This disease affects the vascular system of the banana plant, meaning the delicious fruit can’t properly absorb water and nutrients from the soil. The condition is quickly spreading across continents, wiping out many banana plantations, putting them at the top of the endangered foods list.

Strawberries: Increasingly warmer climates are changing the way crops are cultivated all over the world. Strawberries are no exception. This is a fruit that depends on cooler weather for the most ideal harvest conditions. When the crops are exposed to warmer climates, the flowering process gets shortened, giving farmers less of a robust harvest.

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