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12 Delicious Endangered Foods That May Soon Be Obsolete

endangered foods
Photo by Larisa Blinova at Shutterstock

Avocados: Avocados are becoming expensive and difficult to grow, being extremely sensitive to drought and reduced water levels. So, we might have to say goodbye to guacamole! This may explain why you pay extra for that guac.

Avocados are becoming one of the endangered foods we’ve been worried about. Most avocados consumed in the US come from California, where a significant drought is only just ending. They need 9 gallons of water per ounce. And the cost of this trendy fruit seems to only increase with time.

Italian Durum Wheat: Yet again, due to droughts and warmer temperatures negatively impacting the growth of durum wheat, especially in Italy, it’s said that wheat crops have been declining since 2020. They may be gone entirely by the end of our lifetimes.

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