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7 Biggest Nutrition Myths You Need To Stop Believing

nutrition myth
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Nutrition Myths

With all the information at our fingertips, one would think that nutrition myths would have become less common than a few decades ago.

Unfortunately, the internet is rampant with misinformation, and it can be tough to tell what’s evidence-based or just plain nonsense.

Myths that were previously passed through word-of-mouth have spread like wildfire through social media, blogs, and even some well-respected media outlets.

Between studies that are both long and hard to read, and journalists dashing for the latest viral hit, information often gets published without actually being verified.

And once we’ve heard a piece of information, we, unfortunately, treat it as fact. So let’s break it down. We’re looking into 7 of the most common nutrition myths to get to the truth.

…Keep reading to get the FACTS!

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