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Experiencing Hot Flashes? Here Are The 12 Best Natural Remedies

hot flashes
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What Causes Hot Flashes?

Do you have night sweats or feel irritated because of round-the-clock hot flashes? Well, hormonal imbalances are the most common cause of this.

Most research points to estrogen levels dropping, which begins to happen during premenopause, as the leading culprit.

Estrogen receptors can be found in the brain area that controls a process called thermoregulation, or temperature regulation.

When estrogen levels decrease, they trigger our internal thermostat to overly react to changes in our body temperatures.

Estrogen also directly influences the diameter of blood vessels and can make them dilate, or get bigger, which leads to even more blood flow and sweating.

This also explains why many women get flushed or reddened skin when experiencing a hot flash. Have hot flashes left you in a permanently sweaty state?

You may be surprised to know that you’ve got many remedies right in your own home. So cool things off a bit with these 12 home remedies for menopause symptoms.

If menopause symptoms make you uncomfortable, try some of these tips at home. They may just work for you.

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