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Do You Have Horrible Body Odor? These 8 Incredible Foods May Be The Cause!

body odor
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Body Odor Issues?

Have you noticed that drinking coffee makes your breath have a different odor? It’s not just your imagination! Our body odor is one of those subjects we’re usually hesitant to discuss with our doctor, not to mention our loved ones. I mean, let’s be honest, having smelly feet or bad breath is not the most pleasant topic of conversation.

Genetics, personal hygiene, and general health can also be vital factors determining your body odor. When you sweat, your skin is fermented by bacteria which then creates a distinctive odor.

Still, it’s an important topic to notice and address because body odor can also signify a more serious underlying issue. A the same time, an increase in your body odor doesn’t necessarily have to be a cause for concern.

It turns out that the foods you eat can significantly influence how you smell. We’ve found 8 foods known to cause body odor. So stop worrying about any suspicious smells and avoid these foods in social situations to evade an embarrassing situation.

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