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9 “Amazing” Diet Fads And The Truth Behind Them

diet fad
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Diet Fads

When was the last time you were on a diet? Diet fads are like fashion. They come and go. They lure people in because it’s something new, different, or extreme, and they often promise fast results. And while they may see these quick results, they may end up missing entire food groups out of the diet, which leads to an overall worse health situation.

These diets often lack essential nutrients that are needed for health, including calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and so on. Unless you have a food intolerance or a medical reason, You shouldn’t have any need to cut certain foods out of your diet.

Just keep eating healthy and get some regular exercise, and your body will stay in good shape and look after itself if you give it everything it needs from a healthy balanced diet. So let’s take a look at 9 diet fads of the past, but first…What IS A fad diet?

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