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6 Less-Expected Foods You Should Be Grilling, According to Top Chefs

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Find out how to become a grilling machine!

We already know that grilling is a healthy way of cooking. That’s why the world is consciously trying to move towards grilling instead of frying. It’s considered beneficial because this method can cook food with minimal oil.

Whatever extra oil there is, gets drained away. Grilled chicken, for instance, is a delicacy unmatched in taste, and grilling it is one of the most healthy ways of cooking this yummy food.

Now, you shouldn’t get carried away and over-cook foods on the grill. That’s why the grilling time for different foods varies. But one more thing…aren’t you sick of grilling the same old stuff?!?

Well, here’s where we come in! To diversify your palette, here are some of the most delicious foods you should start grilling ASAP!

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