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11 Breakfast Foods You Should NEVER Start Your Day With

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Is breakfast truly the most important meal of the day? Well, it seems so since a recent study found that people who usually tend to skip breakfast are actually at a higher risk of obesity, therefore, obesity-related chronic diseases like cardiovascular issues and osteoarthritis.

So, your mom was totally right! However, what you put on your morning plate is equally important. What good does it make to eat breakfast if you’re actually eating what is essentially junk food?

The first meal of the day should be filled with proteins, fibers, and minerals. Do you really think you’re getting all of these from eating pancakes or cereals? And these two popular American breakfast choices aren’t the worst of the worst, so let’s find out the foods you should NEVER start your day with. Click on the ‘NEXT’ button to discover them one by one!

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4 thoughts on “11 Breakfast Foods You Should NEVER Start Your Day With”

  1. Ok, they said “sugary” cereals. I need bran, what about bran; and I don’t put sugar on my cereal so what about that?

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