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Throwing Away These 5 Food Scraps? You’re Missing Out on Powerful Nutrients

food scrap
Photo by 5 second Studio at Shutterstock

Carrot Tops

Are you getting ready to cook something with this carotene-packed veggie? Well, don’t throw away those long green carrot tops just yet.

The leafy greens, even though they are bitter, come loaded with many nutrients, including a significant number of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber, and iron, according to specialists.

And, like the root part of this vegetable, the food scraps can also help improve your vision. In need of some ideas? Mix them into your hummus, a stirfry, or grate some into a salad for an extra vitamin boost if needed.

So this food scrap is not only versatile, but it packs a nutritional punch!

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