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Throwing Away These 5 Food Scraps? You’re Missing Out on Powerful Nutrients

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Kiwi Skins

Growing up, we were all made to eat kiwi for the nutrients they gave us. But our way of eating this yummy fruit was by cutting the fruit in half and then scooping the juicy flesh out with a spoon.

We never even gave the skin a second thought and just tossed it in the trash. Well, we found that there are many health benefits of the kiwi’s skin. Kiwi is a powerful prebiotic, acting as fuel for the beneficial organisms in your microbiome.

You’ll be surprised to find that it also helps improve the quality of sleep you get. Eating just two kiwis before bed can improve your total sleep time and efficiency by up to 13%, thanks to medically beneficial compounds like antioxidants and serotonin.

Now let’s talk about the skin. The fuzzy texture of kiwi fruit may seem strange to some, but others compare it to the skin of a peach or pear.

Experts encourage people to eat the fruit’s skin, stating that the skin contains triple the amount of fiber as the fruit itself.

Not peeling the skin also provides you with more vitamin C. Just ensure you always wash the skin and choose organic whenever possible.

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