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Throwing Away These 5 Food Scraps? You’re Missing Out on Powerful Nutrients

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Photo by Kseniia Konakova at Shutterstock

Citrus Peels

If you’re hankering for an orange, grab a cheese grater before you start peeling! Zest it if you don’t have an immediate use for it, and store it in the freezer in a zip-lock freezer bag to use later.

In fact, rather than throwing away any of your lemon, orange, or even grapefruit peels, you can use every piece of them as a zest for marinades, homemade salad dressings, and even baked goods!

Citrus peels are chock full of nutrients like vitamin C and fiber, making them both a flavorful AND nutritious food scrap.

Add some citrus zest to anything from flavored water to French toast, fruit-based “nice cream,” and baked dessert rice.

Bonus: You can also use these food scraps to give your home a fresh citrusy smell!

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