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11 Shocking Food Poisoning Stories

food poisoning
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Food poisoning is a serious concern that affects millions of people around the world annually. In 2011 a novel strain of Escherichia coli or E coli bacteria caused a severe outbreak of food-borne illness focused primarily in northern Germany. It took months before authorities could track the contamination source to the seeds of fenugreek imported from Egypt and used in brussels sprout production.

There have been lots of outbreaks of food poisoning throughout history that have had disastrous consequences. Whether caused by accident, negligence, or even on purpose, food poisoning betrays the trust of those consuming a product and can cause severe illness and death.

Whether the cause is deliberate or simply a tragic error, contaminated food is a genuine and present danger and can even have fatal consequences. Click “Next” below to see 11 of the most shocking and devastating food poisoning cases in history.

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