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31 Vegan Friendly Foods You Weren’t Aware Of

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What exactly is the difference between being vegan and vegetarian? Vegetarians exclude all meat from their diets, and vegans don’t eat any animal products at all. This includes dairy products, eggs, and even honey, which leads us to our next question. What CAN you eat if you are vegan?

Surprisingly, a lot more than you would expect! While the vegan diet is becoming more and more popular in the US and more vegan-friendly restaurants and products are popping up, some foods that the general public has been consuming are already vegan.

…And we’re not talking about those disgusting brussels sprouts your mom force-fed you when you were little. If bidding farewell to all your favorite snacks seems like a bit too much to handle, check out the 31 popular snacks we’ve found that also happen to be vegan!

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