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13 Easy Ways To Combat Sleep-less Nights

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Better Sleep

With as many as 35% of American adults who have insomnia, it’s no wonder that there’s an apparent desire to take advantage of food and drinks for better sleep. Whether it’s a jolt after a cup of coffee or drowsiness after a huge family dinner, most people have personally experienced how food and drinks can affect their energy and alertness.

Insomnia can usually be fixed by trying a few natural methods. Both diet and sleep are complex, which means there’s no silver bullet or single food that is guaranteed to help with sleep. By eating certain foods nightly, you may be able to get your sleep under control. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Actually, overeating can lower your chances of getting a good night’s rest.

However, with moderation and a healthy lifestyle, eating certain foods can help you get the hours of rest you’ve been craving. So, what are the foods that can help you sleep better? Click “Next” below to see our top 13 options!

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