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20 Red Flags At Restaurants That Should Scare You

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Did you know that if a restaurant has an extensive menu, it’s probably ALL frozen? When you walk into a place, you expect to eat delicious and safe food. You’re looking forward to a beautiful experience. You don’t want to cook and clean, you want to try something that you usually wouldn’t make at home, and you get to relax for a little bit.

However, this isn’t always what happens. Food safety habits by restaurants are lacking, especially during a rush. This obviously can potentially lead to an illness. But how can you tell if a restaurant is bad or good? What are the red flags you should look out for?

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5 thoughts on “20 Red Flags At Restaurants That Should Scare You”

  1. Thank you for a very informative article. Getting food poisoning is not pleasant. I’ve been there twice. I would like to add one more thing. I always check salad dressing and anything with mayo, ie, tartar sauce. If it’s not cold, I won’t eat it.

  2. My husband and I look at the entrance of a restaurant. If the front door glass is filthy, cigarette butts or overflowing garbage cans nearby are always clues, especially when you walk in and there is multiple employees just standing around at the hostess station. I am also turned off by a server wiping down tables, seating and sometimes the Condiments with the same old filthy rag. Who knows what germs lurk there. It is getting more difficult to find a clean, affordable, consistent place.

  3. Great article thank you for all the Tips. And alot of Interesting points thst I will use in the future and sum that obviously no Brainer but Again very good points thank you again.

  4. I KNEW ALL THIS. My family ran restaurants all my life.
    ONE little thing you can tell and not even go in the restaurant; If their singage has lights out or missing, DON’T GO IN.
    If they’re not taking care of the little things, they’re not taking care of the important things.

  5. I spent ten years in Commercial Pest Management. Many customers were restaurants…both inexpensive and expensive, small and large. I use my sense of smell when I enter a restaurant. With experience, you can easily tell a clean business versus dirty; one with a roach problem or a rodent problem. All restaurants have a smell. If it isn’t a pleasant smell, move on!

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