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6 of the Most Vitamin C Rich Foods to Eat This Fall Season

Vitamin C platter.
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During the warm, sunny summer months we don’t really think about our vitamin C intake as much as we do during other parts of the year.

That’s partly because fruits are readily available, fresh, and just ripe for a number of colorful recipes from desserts to drinks to sweet breakfast meals.

But as the colder seasons are approaching, many Americans are scrambling to look for ways to boost their vitamin C intake. After all, it protects the immune system against the influenza virus and it helps the body recover quickly- it’s like hiring a microscopic mercenary army to ensure that your body stays healthy!

The fall season of 2020 is even more concerning than the ones before for a lot of households as the threat of the Coronavirus has not yet been staunched in the U.S. That’s why people need to be extra careful about their healthy diets.

Today we’re going to look at 6 vitamin C-rich foods that will be easy to get your hands on without paying top dollar!

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