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12 Most Overrated Healthy Foods According To Experts

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Overrated Healthy Foods

We live in a society that gets very excited about any new food trends. But are we getting a little carried away with these foods? Well, over eleven million results for the search term “healthy foods” would suggest that we are. Maybe, in theory, coconut oil MAY help treat dementia. The right probiotics CAN help assist with your weight loss.

But a lot of new health foods are highly oversold. Even many household foods that have been considered healthy are now coming into question. The reality is that it can all be quite confusing.

So let’s start by making one thing clear: Most of the foods you’ll find in this article are lovely additions to your diet. But many people overestimate how healthy they can really be.

To achieve your health goals sustainably and safely, it’s imperative to be conscious of the complete nutritional picture of everything you’re putting into your body. So, let’s take a closer look at healthy foods that get way more credit than they deserve.

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