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29 High-Protein Fast Foods Recommended By Nutritionists

Photo by Boontoom Sae-Kor at Shutterstock

When you’re looking for that post-workout meal, the last place you’d think to pick up healthy foods is, well… at a fast-food drive-thru! However, you can have a healthy meal at most chains if you order right. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you HAVE to avoid your favorite fast-food spot.

You can still hit up these popular joints for a protein-packed meal. Whether you’re at Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Chick-fil-A, there’s a perfect option for you. They all have items that are excellent nutrient sources, essential for building lean muscle and keeping hunger at bay.

It’s vital to incorporate more protein into your diet if you’re looking to slim down. So load up with any of these 29 meals instead of sticking to your regular unhealthy dishes at any restaurant chain the next time you head for the drive-thru.

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