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10 Supposedly ‘Health Foods’ That Are Actually Junk Foods in Disguise

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We are surrounded by so-called ‘healthy’ foods everywhere we go. From grocery stores to restaurants, what we tend to buy or order, believing it’s healthy, might in fact be quite the opposite. Countless ‘health’ foods are actually junk foods in disguise, and it’s really easy to fall into the temptation of putting them in the cart in the misguided belief you are eating healthier.

The labels aren’t helping either… Most of these products come with words we associate with ‘health.’ Low-fat, fat-free, low-carb are just a few words that describe the term ‘health.’ But how healthy are these products? Although we consider them healthy, they really aren’t.

Maybe that’s why obesity is a major health problem in our country. The food industry fools us into thinking that almost everything we buy is good for our health. Even worse, selecting healthy food products from unhealthy ones is quite difficult since certain manufacturers don’t provide the right information on their labels.

Let’s find out together the most common foods claimed as healthy.

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