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7 Biggest Nutrition Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Nutrition Myth: Egg Yolks Are Bad News

If there’s one thing our media is good at, it’s at scaring you away from perfectly nutritious foods. Yes, foods high in cholesterol can increase the cholesterol levels in many people, but to a minimal extent on average.

Also, some of the micronutrients and a few other bioactive compounds in egg yolks could meddle with your cholesterol absorption.

Extensive research has been done, and scientists have failed to find an increase in cholesterol in people who ate eggs.

But more to the point, even though a review of observational studies associated a higher consumption of cholesterol or eggs with a more increased risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in a dose-response manner.

A more strict type of study found didn’t find any links between eggs and cardiovascular disease, except in a few people who “hyper-respond” to dietary cholesterol.

This is ONE yummy nutrition myth they can’t take away from us!

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