12 Things the FDA Has Banned (for Good Reasons)

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Most of us don’t like thinking about regulations. Why, aren’t they just rules that the government imposes on us, infringing on our rights? People might think that deregulation would give people the power to make decisions of their own, right? The problem isn’t the people, however.

The real problem lies with bad actors that put us all in danger, particularly when it comes to food, medicine, and makeup. It’s beneficial for the government to intervene and stop products from making it on the market instead of allowing unsuspecting consumers to come in contact with items that could gravely affect their health.

That’s where the FDA steps in, regulating food and drugs so that harmful substances wouldn’t get to us. They also decide whether or not we can sell (and ultimately buy) anything that comes in contact with the body such as sunscreen, contact lenses, makeup, and many other similar items.

Today, we want to take a look at 11 things that have made it on the FDA’s big no-no list that may either surprise you or downright disgust you. If you’re against heavy regulations, you might think twice about your stance after you read our list.

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