Ready to Eat Your Water? Here Are 18 Super Hydrating Foods

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17. Grapefruit

Water content: 88%

Just like oranges, grapefruits are citrus fruits too, but not that hydrating as oranges. Still, they are found on our list since half a grapefruit provides approximately 118 grams of water.

Apart from contributing to a relatively good amount of water, grapefruit has many benefits: from lifting your immune system and preventing kidney stones to boosting your metabolism, reducing cholesterol, guarding against gum disease, and preventing lung and prostate cancers, grapefruit is a superfruit!

Plus, during the cold season, it is a good idea to consume grapefruit more often as only half a grapefruit provides 120 percent of your daily needs for vitamin C.

The best part when it comes to grapefruit? You can easily add it to your favorite smoothies and salads!

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18. Coconut Water

Water content: 95%

We know that there’s no middle way when it comes to coconut water; you whether love it or hate it, but if you do love it, try to drink it more often.

This super healthy drink is especially beneficial for those who want to recover quickly after an intense workout. In fact, coconut water is better than most sports drinks. How so? Most sports drinks are loaded with tons of the white stuff and since coconut water is 100% natural, you know what to choose now.

Not convinced yet? Approximately 237 ml of Gatorade come with 13 grams of added sugar, which is basically 50 percent more sugar than in the exact same amount of coconut water.


So, tell us… are you ready to eat your water? 🙂

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