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8 Gassy Foods That Can Make Your Life A Nightmare

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Feeling Gassy?

We’ve all felt it. It’s not a pleasant feeling. Your stomach is the size of a balloon, and if you are not careful, you might let out a toot in the most embarrassing place. Passing wind, or farting, as it is often called, is an entirely normal activity. We release gas daily because it is a byproduct of undigested food.

Unfortunately, several foods that are considered healthy don’t always sit well in your stomach, which means that they can cause gas and bloat. When you eat foods, they drop down into the gut, where your digestive system breaks them down into energy and waste.

Gas is created when foods are hard for your stomach to break down into these two essential components, and as a result, your body has gas leftover sitting in your belly. If you are trying to beat this, you may need to limit the foods making you windy. Here are the top 8 foods that may be causing you gas.

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