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6 Less-Expected Foods You Should Be Grilling, According to Top Chefs

Photo by Romiana Lee at Shutterstock


The flavor of lobster changes drastically when grilled. Charring the outside tempers, the sweetness brings a different meaty texture to the meat, developing more decadent caramelized flavors.

It’s a delicate product, so better to cook it in the shell. It’s worth it to brown a bit of butter, season with grilled lemon, garlic, some chili flakes, and soy, and brush it on the halved lobster tails as they cook.


No dishes are required here. Maybe some sourdough bread slices. Soak the clams when you get home, then head for the grill.

When they pop open, pull them out with a fork, and dip them in the handy pot of butter you have also melted on the grill. It’s all just more delicious…and easy, on the grill.

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