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The 10 Worst Foods for Your Brain

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Sugar-sweetened beverages

Yeah, they taste great, and that’s actually the main issue with them. To give them a taste boost, manufacturers opt for adding lots of sugar to their soft drinks. Sugar is probably the number one enemy of your brain, so try to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages like energy drinks, fruit juice, and sweet tea as much as possible. Ahh, and your morning cup of Joe should remain black.

If you need more reasons to quit sipping on sugar-sweetened beverages, the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Wesley Delbridge, RDN, could give you some. He said that consuming high amounts of sugar could lead to neurological damage.

In fact, a study backs that up, too. Researchers found that those who tend to drink sugar drinks more often than good ol’ fashioned water are more prone to develop poor memory and smaller hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for learning) than people who stick to water consumption.

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