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Which Foods Should You or Shouldn’t You Keep Past the Expiration Date?

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Bagged Salads

You can save money by purchasing bagged salad instead of getting all the individual ingredients in larger quantities to make your own.

These salads are frequently washed, but that doesn’t mean they’re always safe, particularly because they’re handled very often which could lead to them having E. coli, listeria, or salmonella traces on them. To reduce the risk of these multiplying rapidly, consume them as soon as you open the bags and get rid of any leaves that no longer look fresh.

Ground Beef

The reason why ground beef is more dangerous than a lump of steak is because, typically, bacteria lives on the outer layer of the steak, including salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli. When you ground it up and mix it, the bacteria is also mixed all the way through.

Look at the use-by date and cook it within one or two days. Just make sure that when you do, there aren’t any pink bits left behind!

Fresh Mussels

There are a lot of things to consider when eating fresh mussels. They can last a couple of days in the fridge, but don’t store them in airtight containers. If you tap them and they don’t close, throw them away. if the shells are cracked or broken, throw them away. If, after you’ve cooked them, any shells haven’t opened wide, you guessed it, throw them away.

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