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Which Foods Should You or Shouldn’t You Keep Past the Expiration Date?

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The lifespan of spinach can be prolonged by washing and drying the leaves before you use them. The use before date on the packaging is a good guideline, but you should also take note of then the leaves start to wilt. If they do, don’t consume them fresh and cook them instead.

The rule of thumb is to not consume spinach in any way, shape, or form if it’s brown or slimy.

Cauliflowers, Carrots, and Red Peppers

Why are carrots, cauliflowers, and peppers safe to store for longer? Because they’re dense vegetables. Even if you find mold on them you can cut around it (at least one inch around and below) and they’ll be safe to consume.

Just make sure not to cross-contaminate them by touching the mold with your knife and then cutting other parts of the veggies that you plan on eating.

Leftover Pizza

With no expiration date on leftover pizza, how do you know if you can consume it safely at a later date? Well, the USDA says that spices of pizza will be safe for three to four days, but how you store them is crucial!

Make sure you cover them and put them in the fridge within two hours of taking the pizza out of the oven. Only then will the leftovers be OK to eat.

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