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11 Foods You Should NEVER Order at a Restaurant

Unfortunately, there are some menu items to never order at a restaurant, no matter how much you love the place, because you could end up with food poisoning or other serious health issues. Don’t fall into the trap of the menus which use descriptive words like ‘homemade’ or ‘home-cooked’, especially if you don’t know the restaurant.

Check out our gallery that will reveal nine foods you should completely avoid on your next meal out!

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16 thoughts on “11 Foods You Should NEVER Order at a Restaurant”

  1. Thank you very much. An eye opener with common sense. I stopped going to restaurants for quite some time know this doesn’t mean I’ll never go to one again just not making a habit of going to one and then I pay attention of what they have and remember your good points in healthy nutrition !!

  2. Actually, ordering a popular menu item is safer, since it’s a fast mover and NOT sitting around in the kitchen. Ordering a non-popular item…cook’s will say things like “finally getting rid of that ” ….”it’s about time, that’s finally gone”…”was going to toss that if it didn’t sell tonight”.
    Stick with the items that sell the most.

  3. One thing that really needs to be emphasized are Kobe and Piedmontese beef. It’s gotten better because there is now a ratings system, but there isn’t a USDA mandate on the actual amount of either that is listed on a menu or a retail sale. It could contain 5% Piedmontese and the rest is something else, but it doesn’t have to be declared.

  4. Karen Steinhaus

    I think the real answer is to make your meals at home and probably grow your own food. The world has become a very unclean place and we are now experiencing the consequences of that.

  5. ICE was left off list- I’ve read gross stories of: unsafe tap water,moldy tubing, and multiple hands in the bin of a never cleaned device.

  6. I’m 60, been eating at Restaurants forever. almost every Meal. Eat what I want, never have been sick, from Resturant food. maybe its built up my Immune system? Im a Horrible Cook. I have been sick off my own Cooking. just another side to this Subject.

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