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Fast Food Employees Advise Never Ordering These 28 Foods

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Fast food may be affordable and convenient, but the quality is often sacrificed in the rush for quantity. I wanted the dirty details behind some of our favorite fast foods, so thanks to the workers who have had a look behind the curtain, we can know what to sidestep the next time we walk up to a counter looking for a quick and easy meal. So, that’s why I’ve come up with 28 items you should NEVER order at a fast-food joint. Warning: Be prepared to be grossed out!

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1 thought on “Fast Food Employees Advise Never Ordering These 28 Foods”

  1. Thanks for this info! I’m supposed to be on a healthier diet and you just gave me my motivation and reason to stick to it. I had always wondered about Arbys, how the meat was always consistent, and now I know. Too bad. I liked Arbys.

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