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7 Foods You Should Eat More of After 40

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When we are young, we may not feel the need for certain nutrients and minerals, but we can’t say the same thing as a couple of decades pass by. Aging doesn’t have to be a devilish process. Suzanne Dixon, RD, a registered dietitian in Portland, Oregon, says that after 40, you should see your nutrition and health as a ‘bank account.’

Your deposits are the healthy foods you put on your plate and, your withdrawals are your comfort foods such as pizza, cakes, and steaks. As long as your deposits are bigger in number than your withdrawals, you’ll most likely enjoy a healthy and long retirement. So, tell us, how’s your bank account? Your withdrawals outweigh your deposits?

You may be tempted to say NO, but the correct answer is somewhere in the future because the consequences of poor nutrition don’t show up instantly. Prepare your pantry and fridge with the right foods now, to be thankful later!

With that in mind, let’s discover what you should have in your fridge after 40.

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