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9 Air Fryer Recipes You Didn’t Know Were Easy to Make

Air Fryer
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Leftovers: Time to say goodbye to your microwave! After you try reheating food in your air fryer in this easy two-step process, you’ll never go back to reheating any other way. This method is quick and refreshes your food like you just made it! Are you using your air fryer to reheat leftovers? If not, you are really missing out on what this baby can do!

Baked potatoes:  When you think of potatoes in air fryers, your mind probably runs to fries, tots, and hash browns. But you can also cook tasty baked potatoes in your favorite appliance and slightly scale back the cooking time. Poke a few holes in your potatoes, cook them in the fryer for 40 minutes at 390F, slice it in half, and add your toppings!

Lobster Tails: An air fryer can actually cook all types of seafood, as well, from shrimp to salmon. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go for lobster tails instead. They only take roughly 6 minutes to make, and there’s no waiting time for a pot to boil.

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