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10 Common Foods That Promote Healing After Surgery

Photo by Daria Serdtseva from Shutterstock

To say surgery is an unpleasant experience would of course be a massive understatement, and the statistics bear that out as the average American undergoes an average of 9.2 surgical procedures (3.4 inpatient operations, 2.6 outpatient operations, and 3.2 non-operating room invasive procedures) per lifetime.

And while we have total faith in our medical professionals and their post surgery care, we can also aid in the healing process ourselves with the foods we consume. Nutrition is the key when it comes to speeding up the recovery process, so, that’s why we have got 10 foods that will help you transition back to some semblance of normality and aid you in fighting off infections, accelerating healing, increasing your strength and energy and help you maintain your nutrient stores.

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