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Flu Season Has Arrived: 7 Things You Should Eat

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Read all about these superfoods below!

  • Cabbage: This humble veggie is chock-full of fiber, promoting healthy digestion and helping the beneficial bacteria in your belly. It’s a powerhouse ingredient to have in your fridge at any time, but serving it can be especially helpful if you indulge over the colder months. It’s also an ideal source of glutamine, an amino acid that can support gastrointestinal issues like heartburn, leaky gut, or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Elderberry: This berry is a powerhouse for cold and flu prevention. You’ll find an array of elderberry cough syrups and lozenges in just about any health food store, but it can also relieve muscle pain, headaches, and stress.
  • Garlic: While you might only think about garlic when flavoring food, it’s been used in alternative medicine for various ailments for many centuries. Even though the data is limited, one study found that garlic supplements in adults with the flu enhanced immunity and reduced the severity of symptoms. You don’t necessarily have to take garlic supplements, though. Eating it raw can also be very beneficial.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a well-known source of probiotics. They’re “good” bacteria that can help support your immune system. Research in mice found that probiotics aid in shortening the duration of flu symptoms. Just be sure to choose whole yogurts without any added sugars for maximum benefits.

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