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8 Reasons Why Vikings Were the Best Eaters

Photo by Nejron at Envato Elements

Sure, many diets continue to take the lead as the world’s healthiest eating plans. For example, the Mediterranean diet balances fish, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables and may help you live a longer life. It’s also low in saturated fat while high in antioxidants and fiber. But north of the Mediterranean…way up north, there’s another eating method geared toward people who want more energy and some extra endurance.

It’s the Nordic way, and it tracks back to Viking days. While you may associate the region’s cuisine with the gravy-soaked Swedish meatballs at IKEA, most Nordics eat simple food that’s raw and in season. “Viking” food is built on what’s local, in-season, and tastes delicious. Their theory is that grains, vegetables, and fatty fish will sustain you, give you more energy, and direct you to a better quality of life.

Summed up, Vikings ate tasty recipes, and the historical mileage can be seen today! Let’s look at 8 genius reasons to eat like the Vikings. I was shocked by how great they were about eating their greens!

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