10 Facts About Keto Diet You Should Know

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First off, let’s review what the keto diet actually is. As a low-carb and high-fat diet, it drastically reduces your carbs and replaces them with fat. Putting your body in a metabolic state, also known as ketosis, your body becomes very efficient at burning fat for energy. While there are some CONs, the PROs are great for diabetics because this diet causes reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels. It’s also been known to treat cancer and Alzheimer’s!

1. Weight Loss? – Originally used in epilepsy treatment, now it is also used for diabetics.
2. Low Carbs – Compared to other diets, this one deprives your body of carbohydrates and limits them to 50g per day.
3. Diversity – You’re allowed more foods than other diets, including meats and dairy.
4. Fruit– Where other diets may rely on lots of fruits, this one limits you to berries because they have less sugar.
5. Fat Consumption – Where other diets say “NO” to everything, this one makes fat the principal food source for your body.
6. Got The Flu? – No, you don’t! You may just feel like you do because this is a side effect in the first week of your keto diet.
7. Ketosis – This diet changes your metabolism!
8. Supplements – Get used to them! Because of all the shifts happening in your body, your metabolism may go haywire.
9. Can Be Harmful! – Best to check back in with your doctor throughout your diet. Your ketosis may go too far.
10. Results Can Vary – There is no clear-cut answer to how much weight you will lose on this diet.

So, after reading this, you may be asking yourself if this diet is right for you. It hasn’t been confirmed to be effective in weight loss and can harm you if you aren’t careful. We know that this diet decreases your food cravings, increases your calorie burning, and promotes fat loss. As always, don’t forget that exercise is the key to any diet!

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