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11 Strange, Downright Bizarre Side Effects of Common Foods

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2. Mushrooms can actually cause a rash.

Yeah, if you’re allergic to mushrooms, you’ll get a rash, but that’s not the point. Shiitake mushrooms can cause a rash, no matter if you’re allergic to them or not. People ended up visiting the ER due to the side effects of shiitake mushrooms.

Clark says that the rash caused by shiitake mushroom consumption is called shiitake dermatitis, and it is a type of skin rash that resembles whip marks and usually appears on the torso. But it may also occur on the neck, head, and limbs.

However, if you’ve consumed shiitake mushrooms before and you were rash-free, you probably don’t have to worry about developing this condition. In fact, about 2 percent of people are susceptible to this condition. Just avoid eating undercooked or raw shiitake mushrooms.

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