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10 Foods I Ate to Reduce Stress and So Can You

Photo by Dragana Gordic from Shutterstock

2020 was a stressful year for all of us: the novel coronavirus, deadly wildfires, and the presidential election are just a few worth mentioning. Thankfully, 2021 has begun with some rays of sunshine on the horizon since we have a COVID-19 vaccine that is already fulfilling its purpose. (Here’s What to Eat and Drink If You Get COVID-19)

However, for most of us, the year that just ended has left some marks on our mood and health. In general, stress is quite difficult to avoid, but 2020 had skyrocketing stress levels for all of us.

Our emotional health is as important as the physical one, and, thankfully, several foods can uplift your spirits by keeping stress where it belongs…six feet under.

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