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21 Foods That Have Next to Zero Calories

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You definitely don’t need a degree in nutrition science to know that calories can make you gain weight, and since that summer body won’t appear like magic, you have to take a closer look at your calorie intake, among others. And now maybe a question just popped in your head… “how many calories should I eat daily to achieve my weight loss goals?”

While there’s no exact answer because each individual is unique, a calorie calculator could be a reasonable way of estimating your calorie needs. Based on several factors like gender, age, current weight, height, and activity level, a calorie calculator could reveal your needed calorie intake.

However, according to most nutritionists, if you want to lose weight, it would be ideal to reduce your calorie intake to as little as 500 calories than your body actually needs. The best part? You don’t even have “to suffer,” as you still can enjoy some foods. Today, we are going to present to you the foods that contain almost zero calories.

So, are you ready to finally have that summer body with no effort at all? If yes, click on the “NEXT” button!

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