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9 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order

When it comes to fast-food restaurants, there is no doubt that McDonald’s is the biggest player on the field. Even if it may not seem possible, you can actually eat healthy at McDonald’s, but, unfortunately, the tastier meals aren’t on the healthy foods list. Try to stay away from these McDonald’s menu items!

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

  • 620 calories
  • 29 g fat (5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat)
  • 1,030 mg sodium
  • 63 g carbs (3 g fiber, 11 g sugar)
  • 28 g protein

At McDonald’, “crispy” means “breaded with sugar and fried in fat.” This sandwich has more fat than three slices of Domino’s cheese pizza, and more sugar than a glazed Krispy Kreme donut.

This next one is NOT so hot after all…..

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50 thoughts on “9 McDonald’s Menu Items You Should NEVER Order”

    1. Ordered a big Mac meal.The hamburger meat was so thin you could hold it up and see through it.Tasted worse than horrible Went into store & talked to the manager who almost walked away from me with her “Who cares attitude”.
      Tried Burger king when I wanted another quick lunch. Not bad but easily 1000 %better than the big mac.
      Maybe the beginning of the end.

      1. I agree with you… the Big Mac, long my favorite fast food, is mostly bread now which I dont need so I’ve made Whoppers my go-to fast food when I need a burger-fix. More meat, which is cooked using a more healthful method and less bread. Plus Burger King’s fries are much better. McDonald’s fries are soooooooooooo overrated. – lol

      2. I have just discovered In n Out Burger in So CA. You can get their double burger with cheese that is wrapped in lettuce and tomato, sauce. Yummy. Only there is always such a long line!

      3. try wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, they make their’s fresh to order, meat tastes pretty good, I personally prefer them over both Mickey D’s and Burger King. Just a suggestion.

    2. That is the reason they get people addicted to their food and the sugar is what makes their buns and french fries so good. I never can get anything from McDonald’s because of all the sugar, sodium, fat because I am a diabetic, and diabetics should never eat this type
      of food. I don’t think they have any food that is diabetic fr

    3. My Dad’s stepbrother ate there all the time died at 54 yrs’. my Dad Made it to 88. I haven’t eaten there in years….. guess why?

  1. Just to make a reference america is in the same as soddam & Gomorra w/ the corruption of our diet w/ massive sugar, fat, frying carbs & garbage w/which you can gorge urself to death & disease & massive medical disorders. THERE IS GREAT SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL INFO AT L.E.F. COM & THE THE MOST POWERFUL VITAMINS ON THE PLANET, LOOK AT TOM CRUISE & JLO THE TWO MOST PERFECT PEOPLE THEY R BLUE BLOOD HEALTHY.

  2. There really isn’t anything healthy to eat at McDonalds. I guess you could order water, but I would not recommend you do that in Texas or Michigan.

      1. George Hubbell

        Born and reared in Texas. Lived near the Colorado River in Marble Falls. Drank the water there most of my life. It is safe still, as far as I know.
        Now living in north Arizona, near the southern Utah border. Water from my well is great here also.


  3. joni Giacoma Chadwell

    I avoid McDonald’s and to tell you the truth all fast food places. I have lost 80 pounds and I’ll be darned if I allow myself to gain it back. I have kept if off for 20+ years by staying away and cooking for myself.

    1. Thx for the headsup!
      When is the American diet going to change to healthy!?
      The portions of meals are one of the world’s worst! No other country has this bad of a diet..yikes
      That’s why the other countries do not have an obesity issue. Americans should wake up!..or die early!!

    1. When I ordered their sweet tea, I would add plain KOOL AID lemonaide powder to fight the sweetness.

  4. Mc Rib is a great treat only they raised the prices since they saw how people love this, but I have the recipe so when they stop making it I can make them myself.

  5. stopped ALL fast food due to Gluten issue. I lost bloat, 18 lbs, and actually TASTE food. When I was eating Fast food, I had food anxiety, that is a nervous feeling from eating foods that make your body work hard to digest, ingest. After 2 years of healthy food, I was in pinch, so I got a Big Mac, next day Got Taco Bell. Next day KIDNEY STONE ATTACK, had to drink 120 ounces of water to flush toxins out of my shocked system.
    after I recovered from that had migraine. bottom line, just eat healthy it is worth it and food actually TASTES like FOOD, not salt, fat,. You will have more energy, live longer and look younger if you eat healthy, UNPROCESSED food.

    1. The migraines are often a reaction to MSG which is used in many fast foods. I avoid most fast foods because of it. MSG is hidden in many processed foods under various names: natural flavors, monosodium glutamate, carmel color, autolyzed yeast extract, and others. It tricks the brain into thinking food tastes better and makes you crave more of the food.

  6. “Fast Food” should not be allowed to be called food at all It should be place along the lines like candy I put it to the test my dog wouldnt eat a hamburger from McDonalds but I feed him real quality food– and it should be against the law to let this fast food companies advertise towards children Ex: market with clowns, cartoon kings, jack in the box they blamed the vaping companies for using flavors why is fast food ok to do it …..think about it —- America is ok to let their children eat garbage if a clown tells you to—-I wouldnt touch that garbage

  7. McDonald’s is just a wee bit from my house, “but” I never go there, bc my son’s family is vegan. They have never let my grand daughter have “anything” from there. She is 8 yrs.old, now & never asks for it, but she will tell you how bad it is.

  8. lets be honest….if you were in war torn germany or france during ww 2……you would be delighted to enter burgie hing and mac donald….for a fine meal….you would not ask to leave you would sing its praises …for all to hear….yes sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,looking forward to the big breakfast..THE NEXT… day……..bring on the pancakes and hot coffee…..yes…sir………we are spoiled in this country……enjoy…..enjoy ……. the line would be a mile long,,,,,for the big breakfast….alone

  9. Do you all own stock in Burger King? Non of these are going to hurt you if
    you don’t eat them every day! I treat myself to the McChicken and small fry!

    1. I agree, I am 68 in perfect health and have eaten McDonalds 2-5 times a month my whole life! Sorry but I like the food and the prices!

  10. You Go girlie from your partner in crime! Psst! I have set in place a diet that is plant centered that you actually lose weight! No cravings right now! yay!!

  11. I seldom go to McDonald’s, but I like all the items mentioned. Thanks for the heads-up! I know what to order next time! We are all wants to live a healthy life, but we only live once! Don’t deprived ourselves to eat anything we want as long as not much or eating the same good food over & over again! Eat moderately & sensibly!


  13. Some lucky folks can eat this food almost every day and live to 90. Just goes to show your genes have a big effect on longevity. They should study those lucky ones and find ways to help the rest of us.

  14. Thank you for the health information! Never realized their crispy chicken sandwich was so unhealthy. Would you please be able to list the items that we could order that would be half way healthy for us?

  15. There is nothing wrong with McDonalds or any other fast food place. The problem is what and how often you eat there. Once or twice a month it is a treat, choose wisely.

  16. melanie lienig

    If you don’t like McDonald’s don’t eat there. Is there any food good for us?? All the chemicals, mass production and who nows whatever. I like McDonald’s. I will continue eating there. When it comes to food it is not what you eat it is how much you eat. We all are going to die sometime . Be happy

  17. Thesby Tolbert

    I haven’t ate at McDonald’s in months but when I do I only order a McDouble and small fries! Sometimes I order a Big Mac. McDonald’s is not a place to eat at everyday because it will get your fat fast! Don’t make this your favorite restaurant if you want to stay in shape! This type of fast food is not good for blood pressure if you eat it too much! Limit this restaurant to just once maybe twice a month! McDonald’s is not your kind of place if you eat healthy or unhealthy!

  18. McDonalds took healthier option off the menu during the pandemic of Covid that my husband and I use to enjoy. We use to love the parfaits. A crispy chicken salad is healthier than a lot of other options you could choose.

  19. I refuse to live in a world where I can’t binge on deep fried foods! McDonalds yes is unhealthy, but virtually everything these days causes some form of illness. I want large fries, super thick shakes with three Big Macs. I’d like to top it off with a double quarter pounder — no! THREE double quarter pounders with cheese. Oh, and don’t drain the grease from the fries, I’ll take that in a plastic container to drink later on.

    I just gained 50 pounds writing this.

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