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10 Dangerous Dieting Fads Throughout History

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Dieting Fads

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of bizzare diet trends. Whether you want to only eat superfoods or cleanse yourself within an inch of godliness, there’s some kind of diet out there for you. But this isn’t just a current issue. The most common diets you’ve probably heard about may have been Atkins or something gluten-free, but you may be surprised to read about what came before them.

We’ve found some crazy diets that aren’t new, and apparently, neither is the idea of trendsetters influencing what people dine on. There have been plenty of odd fads throughout time, some so disgusting that they make that green mush drink look downright delicious. Just don’t get any ideas because some of the diets on our list are also downright dangerous.

They prove just how far people will go to lose a few extra pounds, and most of them will make you grateful for nutritionists because counting points is way better than poisoning yourself to speed up your metabolism. Yup, that was a thing. So let’s look at 10 dieting fads throughout history…and let us know if you’d try any of these!

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