Food Cravings And The 11 Best Ways To Fight Them

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Understand your cravings

It was once a general belief that when you felt a craving, it was tied to a nutrient your body lacked, although this has proven false. But cravings DO tend to tie into your feelings. If you crave crunchy foods, something may be eating at you, making you angry or tense.

If it’s creamy, fatty foods, or chocolate, you could be feeling unloved, lonely, depressed, insecure, or anxious. If you are craving carbs, you’re most likely dealing with some kind of emotional pain or anxiety, and you are hoping junk food will calm you down.

Occasionally, you will be able to identify and address these issues independently, either by analyzing the problem or by writing it down in a journal to keep track. Sometimes you may need to verbalize your thoughts with someone to work things out. Don’t hesitate to seek help if necessary.

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