12 Foods to Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally

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5. Berries

Just like pumpkin seeds, these tiny fruits surprise us with a wide range of health benefits. However, the first worth-mentioning regarding this article is, of course, lowering blood pressure.

Because they have plenty of antioxidants, such as the one that gives them their unique color (anthocyanin), berries can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Anthocyanins, for example, have been shown to maximize nitric oxide levels in the blood of all participants while minimizing the production of blood-vessel-restricting molecules. A reduction in that production translates to reduced blood pressure levels.

All berries are great. From raspberries and strawberries to blueberries and cloudberries, try to consume them as often as you can.

Other impressive benefits of berries:

  • improving insulin response
  • fighting inflammation
  • lowering cholesterol levels
  • reducing appetite
  • preventing anxiety and depression
  • aiding weight loss

Just add them to your fresh smoothies, or sprinkle them over your favorite Greek yogurt!

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6. Carrots

Munching on this staple veggie should be your number one priority starting today (especially if you’re dealing with high blood pressure). Nutritious, really sweet, and crunchy, carrots are found on this list mainly due to their phenolic compounds.

P-coumaric, caffeic acids, and chlorogenic and all phenolic compounds that are responsible for the relaxation of blood vessels and the reduction of inflammation. Both processes lowering your blood pressure levels in the end.

And yes, they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but we recommend consuming them raw. In a study, 2195 participants managed to reduce their blood pressure levels only by eating raw carrots regularly.

Another study pointed out that at least 16 ounces of carrot juice (freshly made) per day could lead to an impressive reduction in both systolic blood pressure and diastolic one.

Other impressive benefits of carrots: 

  • maintaining healthy teeth
  • boosting cognitive functions
  • protecting against certain cancers
  • promoting your youthful appearance
  • lowering the risk of developing diabetes
  • improving heart health

Pro tip: If you like binging as I do, at least opt for homemade carrot chips.

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