The 7 Best Foods for Your Liver

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With a deadly and stubborn virus still lurking on the streets, people are stuck in their homes with their significant other, and even if we are all struggling to combat pandemic boredom, sometimes it’s not as easy as they say.

I don’t know how you’re dealing with the coronavirus related stress (I would like to know, so please take a minute and leave a comment down below), but some friends of mine (including me) tend to grab a beer almost every single time they open their fridge.

Although we all know that alcohol has many adverse effects on both physical and mental health, do you really know when to stop? Health officials recommend no more than one drink daily for women and, for men, no more than two drinks. So, do you respect alcohol consumption recommendations?

Too much alcohol can lead to alcohol-related liver disease. Alcohol can affect your liver in more ways than you might have thought. That’s why maintaining liver health is essential for your overall health since it performs a wide variety of functions in the body like breaking down toxins, producing cholesterol, and manufacturing blood protein.

So, maybe it’s about time to surprise your liver with some water to restore your liver health. Thankfully, certain foods and non-alcoholic beverages can also boost liver health, and we all need them after the Holidays.

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