6 Powerful Foods That Lower LDL (“BAD”) Cholesterol

Photo by Syda Productions from Shutterstock | Adding spinach leaves

4. Spinach

This leafy green vegetable has a wide range of powerful health benefits. For example, did you know that spinach is actually one of the biggest dietary sources of lutein? Lutein is basically a type of vitamin related to vitamin A and beta-carotene which is crucial for maintaining proper eye health. So, spinach should be consumed by the vast majority of seniors, as they tend to have eye related diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

When it comes to lowering your “bad” cholesterol, spinach wins a gold medal in this department too. A research published recently in the Journal of Nutrition found that lutein can lower LDL cholesterol in your blood.
Experts think that due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lutein, consuming spinach regularly may help your artery walls to guard themselves against plaque buildup.

Note that spinach is a cool-season crop, so you could purchase spinach powder when it’s off season. The one we recommend above has the best flavor, according to several Amazon users.

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