Here Are the Best and the Worst Diets for Your Ticker!

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Good for Your Heart: Nordic Diet

This diet was created in order to decrease the obesity rates in Nordic countries. The Nordic diet is actually based on three main things: Try to eat more plants and less meat, more foods from the sea, and eat more foods from the wild countryside—especially berries.

Studies on the Nordic Diet show that it helps minimize total and LDL cholesterol levels, while also promoting weight loss. The Nordic Diet translates to nutritious foods that are common in Nordic countries, so you’ll most likely see recommendations for lots of root vegetables, cabbages, fish like mackerel and trout, grains like oats and barley, and wild mushrooms and berries.

Here’s a typical day on the Nordic diet:

  • Breakfast—Oatmeal with wild berries and nuts.
  • Lunch—Barley salad with beans, cabbage and vinaigrette.
  • Snack—A pear with walnuts.
  • Dinner—Salmon with mushrooms and roasted root vegetables.
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