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Stomach Issues? These 10 Common Foods Might Be Wreaking Havoc!

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Red Meat: This type of meat is high in saturated fats and protein content, so it’ll spend some extra time in your stomach, leading to digestive distress.

If your belly isn’t agreeing with you, look for lower fat proteins in small serving sizes.

Coffee: Your morning cup of joe could cause digestive sorrow later on. It’s acidic and known to have a diuretic effect on your bowels, so skipping it is a good idea to avoid excess irritation or possibly provoking diarrhea.

Milk: Milk contains lactose, which some people lack the enzyme to break down. Those with a lactose intolerance can have stomach pains, bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

If you’re sensitive, you might still be able to tolerate dairy in small doses or choose a lactose-free variety.

Fried Chicken: Fried chicken is also very high in fat. And usually, the oils used for frying aren’t exactly the healthiest, potentially putting more stress on your digestive tract.

Try to save this food for when your tummy is feeling its best, when it can handle the oils and cooking methods better.

Hot Peppers: Hot peppers, always add a pop of flavor, color, and vitamin C to many of our favorite dishes. But because they’re spicy, they’ll probably just irritate an upset stomach.

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